Kenyon Rugby Supporters

The following ruggers took up the challenge and supported the current men and women by donating to the Kenyon Fund between August 26th and September 7th, 2013 as part of the Young Rugger Challenge.  All players between 2005 and 2012 were asked to donate at any level to the Kenyon Fund.  Based off of the number who participated, two lady ruggers and two of the men got their CIPP dues for the year.

Erin Lourie '05
Anna Adler '05
Adam Birka-White '07...

Jacob Hansen '07
Matt Fideler '07
Jeremy Spater '07
Katie Peterson '07
Nathaniel Pond '08
Ryan Stewart '08
Chris Brophy '10
Franny Lazarus '10
Liz Orr '10
Lauren Pfundstein '10
Lizzie Thorne '10
Alex Kaplan '11
Sam Tyler '11
Bryn Stole'11
Luke Sullivan '12

The following ruggers have since donated to Kenyon College and designated their gift to support the Men's and/or Women's Rugby Clubs.

Tim Halle '12